Fic: Exposure - Spike/Wesley, NC-17

Hello to anyone still around to see this post!

Contrary to appearances, [ profile] flaming_muse and I are still writing in this 'verse and in fact are nearing the end of a rather long story. In the meantime, there's this short fic.

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Fic: Shades of Grey - Spike/Wesley - NC-17

Hello, Reality Bends readers! I have a new fic in the 'verse for you.

"Shades of Grey" - Spike/Wesley - NC-17, set after the RPG

Please read the warnings before the story begins if you are concerned about your personal triggers; it is a dark story for this 'verse.

RB Fic: Twenty-four Hours, One Conversation

Title: "Twenty-four Hours, One Conversation" 1/1
Author: flaming muse
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Pairings: Spike/Wesley
Rating: R
Spoilers: all of Reality Bends (although nothing specific besides generally how it ends), plus "The Thought That Counts" and "First Chrismas."
Summary: So there's a new member of the Wyndam-Pryce/the Bloody household...
Disclaimers: The characters belong to Joss and various corporate Powers That Be. I make absolutely no profit from playing with them.
Distribution: Please ask.
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RB fic: A Process, not an Event

I just posted a new fic in the [ profile] reality_bends 'verse, set within the RB RPG canon, as it were. I hope you enjoy it!

Title: "A Process, not an Event"
Author: flaming muse
Pairings: Spike/Wesley
Rating: PG
Summary: Healing is a process and not an event.
Spoilers: all of [ profile] reality_bends up to but not including the epilogue of the RPG, which goes AU from AtS 5x07, "Lineage"; set during the timeframe of the RPG between Vail's attack and the boys' move. If you haven't read RB or don't remember the details, what you need to know is ...spoilers for the RPG ).

Dribble of boys

I posted a little dribble - it's not fleshed out enough to be considered even a ficlet - of Spike and Wes post-RPG over in my LJ. WG and I are working on a proper Reality Bends story (and I have at least two partially finished), but I thought I'd link to this as a little treat, even though it's more a sketch than anything.

"By Any Other Name"

"By Any Other Name," an R-rated Spike/Wesley fic set in the RB-verse about a month after their first Christmas together can be found in my LJ.


"Attraction", an NC-17 Spike/Wesley fic set in the RB-verse, can be found in my LJ.

"Wednesday Night"

"Wednesday Night," an NC-17 Spike/Wesley fic set after the end of the RPG can be found in my LJ.


Two Christmasy ficlets

In a case of having a shared mind, [ profile] wesleysgirl and I wrote each other for Christmas potentially [ profile] reality_bends-verse Spike/Wes ficlets about the exact same subject.

They were posted in the order of her "First Christmas" and then my "The Thought That Counts," which I edited to fit in with hers, but they happen in the reverse chronological order. I think that you can read them in either direction.

Since we have officially decided that they are RB ficlets, they take place during the Christmas after the RPG ended.

The end of an era.

A year to the day after [ profile] wesleysgirl and I began this adventure as Wesley and Spike, we have now written our last tags in [ profile] reality_bends. We do plan on writing short stories in this 'verse, which we'll announce in this community, but the RPG itself is at an end. It's been such an amazing experience, and we appreciate all of y'all reading along with us. We've been delighted and humbled by the lovely encouragement and feedback you've sent; it has been a real joy to write these characters for so long, and it's wonderful that they've grown to mean nearly as much to you as they do to us.

The RPG itself starts here, should you want to (re-)read it from the beginning.

And if you'd like to drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you. :)

The end and the beginning.

Continued from here.

"Thank you for giving it to me," Wesley said, just as softly, closing his eyes and resting his hand on Spike's chest, letting his thumb rub back and forth in a gentle rhythm.

Weren't they talking about a nap?

Continued from here.

Spike laughed and nodded, smiling up at Wesley. "I hear you. I wouldn't dream of arguing with you, pet."

Back in bed again

Continued from here.

"No doilies?" Wesley asked, trying to sound upset. "And here I was thinking they'd look so nice with our decor."

Splish splash, they're taking a bath!

Continued from here.

"It might take her a bit to warm up," Spike agreed, "but it sounds like you've both changed a lot in these past few years. And she's more like you than you think." He hugged Wesley closer. "I think I'd end up the third wheel if she were here."

Soaking in the tub.

Continued from here.

"But you do feel like it's ours, and not just mine?" Wesley asked.

Amazingly enough getting out of bed. Is that allowed?

Continued from here.

"What do you need?" Spike asked, watching Wesley for any sign of wooziness or soreness. "I'll get it for you." Wesley's comment about finding his overprotectiveness irritating echoed in his head, and he took a mental but not physical step back. "Sorry. I'll run the bath."

Lounging in bed.

Continued from here.

"I'm fine," Wesley said, shifting and smiling at Spike blissfully. "It was wonderful. Perfect." It didn't escape his notice that this last was a word he used a great deal with Spike, or that it was a word he never would have been able to use with Angel, even if things had been different. Not, of course, that he'd ever, ever say any of that to Spike.

Aw, aren't they cute when they're all sleepy and sated?

Continued from here.

"We can do that." Spike hooked the sheet with his foot and pulled it up over them, although even the small amount of Wesley's blood running through him made him almost jumpy with energy despite the lethargy springing from his orgasm. Still, he had no desire at all to move away, and having a sleepy Wesley in his arms was a welcome thought. He settled in, trying to make Wesley comfortable, and rested his face in his hair. "You're sure you're all right, love?" he asked.