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Reality Bends to Desire

A Spike/Wesley RPG

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Name:Reality Bends (RPG)
Website:Start the Story From the Beginning
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This is the journal for a two-person RPG set during Angel: The Series S5. It goes AU after "Lineage." The story begins here.

People who send feedback are much loved.

Disclaimer -- These characters do not belong to us. They are the legal property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, the WB, and FOX, and the creative property of the actors who portray them. Not ours. Just borrowing them.

Warning -- Some of the threads in this journal will contain NC-17 rated material of a slashy (homoerotic) nature. (We hope!) If you are under the age of legal consent in your country or might be offended by such content, please go elsewhere.

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