Apr. 7th, 2004

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"I understand," Wesley said. "And I'm sorry it got to this point."
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"I'll try not to," Wesley said, starting to reach a hand out to touch Spike, then pulling it back.
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Spike's search was over slightly more than two hours later; it didn't take long at all to come up with almost no information. He had found an old acquaintance from Sunnydale who had passed on the information that Clem had moved to San Diego, but that had been the high point of his evening. He had hustled a few games of pool for a bit of cash and had dusted a couple of vampires to work out some aggression, but as he walked back to Wesley's flat he felt even worse than he had when he had left. He still had little money, few contacts, and no prospects for the future.

His footsteps slowed as he neared Wesley's street. He didn't want to face more tension, and he was sure that the time apart had only increased Wesley's unhappiness with him.

The flickering neon sign advertising a popular brand of beer caught his eye, and Spike paused outside of the neighborhood bar. Wesley wouldn't be expecting him back for another couple of hours, and a bit of false courage might be just what he needed to cross that threshold again and face whatever was going to come next. Without another thought, he opened the door and walked inside.
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Spike stopped, finding it easier to focus his eyes on Wesley when he wasn't moving. "I'll agree about the fumbling part, because god knows I am, but is that how you see yourself?" he asked.

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