Feb. 3rd, 2004

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Continued from here.

Spike thought of how firmly he had kept his desire for love and for intimacy with Buffy in check, how he had tried - with very good success, as far as he was concerned - to be respectful of Wesley's feelings for Angel, how he hadn't been distracted by the heady smell of Wesley's blood when he was hurt. He thought of declining Wesley's drunken advances even though he had been craving that sort of close contact and of listening to Wesley talk about his impressions of Spike and what he didn't want from him instead of just leaving the room, the flat, the city. He thought of how he was keeping himself at that very moment from explaining at high volume just how much self-control he'd learned in more than a century of unlife... although, admittedly, most of it had come since he got the soul. Difficult? All he seemed to do was hold himself back.

"Right," he said as mildly as he could.
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Continued from here.

Wesley felt Spike's sudden tension and stopped what he was doing, moving back up to Spike's mouth and kissing him again, gently. "Sorry. Sorry," he murmured. The word was surprisingly easy to say in this context.
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