Jan. 19th, 2004

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Continued from here.

Wesley woke up slowly, dimly aware of a dull throbbing in his temples. He was sprawled on his side in bed, a blanket mostly over him, although it was tangled as if he'd been restless in his sleep.

He curled up and pulled the pillow over his head, letting his thoughts settle into something that made sense. The dual memories of the day before -- the disturbing ability to see both timelines superimposed over each other -- had faded into one set, and he could clearly remember Connor. What on earth had happened to take away their memories? Had Angel been part of it? It seemed as if he had to have been, or else he wouldn't have had the sense to keep quiet about his own memories being different from theirs and would have given away the game much sooner.

Where was Connor now?

His memories of the rest of the night were hazier, almost dream-like, but he did remember having sex with Spike. The vampire was no longer in the bed with him, though.

A glance at the clock proved that it was thirty minutes earlier than his alarm usually went off, not that he'd set it last night. Wesley got up, pulled on the pair of jeans he'd been wearing the day before without bothering with underclothes, and went immediately to the bathroom, where he downed some aspirin and drank two glasses of water. Then, blearily, he wandered into the living room, where he found Spike asleep on the couch.

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