Jan. 3rd, 2004

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Continued from here.

Late the next afternoon, Spike found himself standing outside of Wesley's office and staring at the polished wooden surface of his door. He couldn't quite bring himself to enter.

He had located the amulet fairly quickly the previous night, since he had paid close attention to where Angel had put it in case he accidentally tried to "lose" it in the future. Since he had nothing better to do with his time, Spike had started wandering through the other storage areas in the company. He had found all sorts of interesting objects and people kept in the depths of Wolfram and Hart, but then he had stumbled into a room with even weirder contents.

It was more high tech than some of the other storerooms, and the walls were lined with cases full of metallic canisters, each one neatly labeled with someone's name. After a bit of investigation, he realized that this must have been where Lorne's sleep had been stored before he went Incredible Hulk on the party, and he looked around to see if anyone else he knew had had anything interesting removed. Maybe Eve had had her personality removed.

What he had found had shocked him. On a shelf near the bottom of one of the cases was a line of five canisters marked with the full names of Fred, Lorne, Gunn, Cordelia, and Wesley. Beneath each of their names was the same odd combination of letters and numbers.

Spike didn't know how to find out what had been removed from Angel's friends, but the idea made his non-corporeal flesh crawl. He couldn't imagine what was in their containers and why they weren't labeled plainly like the others in the room.

He hadn't come up with any answers by the next afternoon, but Spike had to see Wesley about the spell, if nothing else. He was extremely curious about what he had found, but he knew that it was bound to be a sensitive subject, especially since Wesley was so suspicious about Gunn's augmentation. He wasn't likely to be forthcoming about his own procedure.

Deciding to hold his tongue as long as he could and trying not to let this discovery shake his confidence in the other man, Spike squared his shoulders and walked into Wesley's office.

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